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IAPMO EGS is a trusted name for independent testing and listing for plumbing, pool, spa and bathtub industries. IAPMO EGS is committed to providing quality testing and listing services at competitive rates in a timely manner. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to ensure that testing and listing project is being handled efficiently, helping to get your product to market faster.

IAPMO EGS est un nom de confiance pour les tests indépendants et la liste pour les industries de la plomberie, de la piscine, du spa et de la baignoire. IAPMO EGS s'engage à fournir des tests de qualité et à consulter les services à des tarifs compétitifs en temps opportun. Notre personnel compétent travaillera avec vous pour vous assurer que le test et l'énumération du projet sont bien gérés, ce qui vous permet d'obtenir rapidement votre produit sur le marché.

Our testing and listing capabilities cover the following standard and product types:

Nos capacités de test et d'inscription couvrent la norme et les types de produits suivants:

·         UL 1951 and CSA C22.2 Nos. 14 and 68 (Plumbing accessories connected to or used with plumbing in commercial locations or residential occupancies, including irrigation equipment, sprinkler controls, water controls located in kitchens and bathrooms, electric faucets, toilet-flushing systems, lawn sprinklers, plumbing controls, hydromassage chairs and pedicure spas)*

·         UL 1795 and CSA C22.2 No. 218.2 (Indoor hydromassage bathtubs (also known as whirlpool baths) rated 250 V or less, for residential and commercial use)

·         UL 1081 and CSA C22.2 No. 108 (Pumps for circulating the water in swimming pools, hot tubs and spas; chlorinators, brominators, ozone generators, ion generators, and similar equipment intended to sanitize water in pools, spas and hot tubs)

·         UL 778 and CSA C22.2 No. 108 (Submersible and nonsubmersible pumps intended for household, commercial or industrial use, including pumps for fountains, circulation, sewage, effluent, wells, irrigation, building sites (contractor type), sumps and general utility)

·         UL 1431 and CSA C22.2 Nos. 64 and 68 (Appliances, primarily cord connected, intended for use in households or similar locations, not necessarily under professional supervision, such as toothbrushes, oral irrigation appliances, denture cleaners, hydromassage units)*

·         UL 1563 and CSA C22. 2 No. 218.1 (Self-contained spas for aboveground use, for household or commercial use, and for both indoor and outdoor use; Equipment intended to introduce pressurized air into spas and hot tubs; Controllers, timers, temperature-regulating equipment, etc., for control of equipment intended for use with swimming pools, hot tubs and spas, control panels for use with equipment intended for water-play fountains and water playground areas, swimming pools and spas, or fountains with water in common with swimming pools;  Ozone generators rated 600 V or less and intended for use in the treatment of nonpotable water in swimming pools, and in spas and hot tubs of other than the self-contained type)

*Except any product with radiation hazard not already addressed by federal requirement (i.e. microwave required FCC compliance) and  any appliance generating Ultraviolet (UV) radiation.