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1. What are the listing procedures?
The details for listing are described in the application package. Please refer to the application for details or visit the document download link. If you have any question and/or need more information regarding listing requirements, please contact any of IAPMO EGS’s technical staff.

2. Is IAPMO EGS listings accepted by any other city or listing agency?
IAPMO EGS listings are accepted by many jurisdictions such as OSHA, State of Oregon, Ohio, North Carolina and Washington, City of Chicago and Los Angeles, and LA and Clark County.

3. Once my product is listed with IAPMO EGS, can I advertise using the shield mark?
Yes, using the EGS shield mark on your advertisement is one of the benefits of being listed with IAPMO EGS.  In fact, IAPMO EGS encourages all manufacturers to do so.  Please contact EGS engineer for more details.

4. What is the average time frame that can be expected before an IAPMO EGS Inspector will perform an Initial Production Inspection at a new manufacturing plant and/or plants? Depending on inspector availability, we hope to conduct the IPI within 30 days.

5. Are the Initial production Inspections scheduled in advance?
Yes, these inspections are pre-scheduled between IAPMO EGS inspector and the applicant.  Please note that future regular quarterly inspections will be unannounced as required by OSHA.

6. How do I submit a complaint or appeal?
Please submit your concern via e-mail at  One of our staff will contact you with additional information on our procedure for handling complaint/appeal.