What the IAPMO EGS Marks Mean to You

IAPMO EGS is recognized for technical excellence in testing certifying electrical products that meet the highest standards of public health, safety and environmental quality. Among the most widely recognized in the world, the IAPMO EGS listing mark is a symbols of this expertise and represent key attributes that regulatory, user and industry groups associate with the IAPMO name.

IAPMO EGS mark is a valuable assets that assist in promoting products by communicating your concern for your customers – and their concern for their communities. Whether the distinguishing IAPMO EGS shield is displayed in public facilities or in homes on pumps, spa, hydromassage bathtub – or any one of thousands of other products used every day – they all say the same thing: Product conforms to the standard, code, and/or specification. This mark truly gives that “peace of mind”


Benefits of Using the IAPMO EGS Mark

Bearing the IAPMO EGS mark provide assurance to Regulatory personnel, contractors, specifiers, installers and end-users that your product is meets the applicable requirements.

While demonstrating your commitment to product safety, well placed IAPMO EGS marks can become powerful promotional tools that:

  • Increase the acceptance of your product. Bearing the IAPMO EGS mark can make it easier for potential customers and regulatory personnel to accept your promotions and purchase your products.
  • Increase customer confidence in purchasing products. Bearing the IAPMO EGS mark shows that your products meet established standards as determined by an independent, third-party organization.
  • Provide added assurance and trust. Bearing the IAPMO EGS marks show your commitment to product safety that your customers can trust to help guide their purchasing decisions.
  • Allow easier entry into new markets. Bearing the IAPMO EGS mark can facilitate expansion into domestic and international markets with their prominent visibility on products and marketing materials.
  • Increase exposure for your products. Bearing the IAPMO EGS mark can greatly increase your product’s exposure through the IAPMO EGS on-line listing directory.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing communications. Bearing the IAPMO EGS mark can do so by delivering your message of product safety at-a-glance.
  • Make marketing more cost-effective. Bearing the IAPMO EGS mark can do so by leveraging through the independent listing to create product awareness and credibility more quickly.
  • Boost sales. By utilizing the mark consistently, displaying it prominently and communicating the fact your product meets the standards it represents.